Tell Me About … Pain

Within BDSM play, pain can play a significant role. This time we are asking what your relationship with pain is. […]

Tell Me About … Objectification

Objectification often seems to be one of the lesser practised kinks but can work hand in hand with erotic humiliation. […]

Tell Me About … Romance

As we approach Valentines Day, we are asking you to tell us about romance and how it works within your […]

Tell Me About … Codependency/Inter-dependency

In psychological terms, “Co-dependency is a behavioral condition in a relationship where one person enables another person's addiction, poor mental […]

Tell Me About … Edge Play

Within BDSM  the term Edge Play can include any activity which is considered risky, or on the edge of what […]

Tell Me About … Respect

This time on Tell Me About we are asking about respect.  We know that this is one of the foundations […]

Tell Me About … Wax Play

This time on Tell Me About our topic is wax play so we are asking all about how wax play […]

Tell Me About … Service

This time on Tell Me About ... the topic for discussion is service.  Are you a service sub?  Is service […]

Tell Me About … Pleasure

Well we asked you about pain back in January and so it seemed only fair to ask you about pleasure […]